Set your role model free. Discharge them from their duties. It’s better for them. And for you, too.

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I come from a community where less than 10% of a generation makes it to university. Within the female population, this number drops under 5%.

Yet, I was able to pursue higher education in very selective programs in Africa and Europe before starting a career that would have been unimaginable to me when I was a teen.

With the exposure my job, social media presence, and non-profit activities grant me, I am lucky enough to be in contact with young people daily. I receive many questions about my academic and professional background and how I manage to work around the…

Coup de projecteur sur un angle mort de la Fête du Travail

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Aujourd’hui, devant le défilé des travailleurs, je pense aux femmes de par le monde, écrasée par le poids du travail domestique, “invisibilisé” mais indispensable.

Ce travail qui a permis à Adam Smith d’écrire sur la main invisible du marché, sans se demander quelle main préparait les repas qui lui étaient servis, et lavait les vêtements qu’il portait. (1)

Ce travail invisibilisé, qui a permis à tous les grands hommes de l’histoire de faire des découvertes, de conquérir des territoires, de devenir des pères comblés, de repenser le monde… et de retrouver le soir un plat chaud et des draps propres.

How patriarchy tried to trick me into shutting up.

young diverse group of women dancing in ballet outfits
young diverse group of women dancing in ballet outfits
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I called out patriarchy in Paris; it replied, “In Africa, it’s worse.”

I called out patriarchy in Abidjan; it replied, “In Niger, it’s worse.”

I called out patriarchy in Niamey, it replied, “In the village, it is worse.”

In the village, it told me, “Well, it was worse before.”

But my grandmother told me that her mother told her that before she had a voice.

Before, she had space, in front, in the very front even, if her courage and vision carried her there.

She told me about Sarraounia Mangou and…

How a real dashboard could improve our writing and overall experience on Medium.

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Back in the days when I was a management consultant, my colleagues and I would spend hours fine-tuning a stakeholder power map and drafting talking points accordingly before any significant interaction with a prospect or a client.

A power map or stakeholder map is a fundamental tool in project management: it allows a group of people to formalize and share a common understanding of the people directly or indirectly involved in making or influencing decisions related to a particular issue and implementing them. …

Fati Hassane

“I stood at the border, stood at the edge, and claimed it as central.” Stories in good French and decent English.

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